In light of the upward trend in Covid-19 cases in our state, the MRPA recently made a request to the Maryland DHS to consider a 60-day-or-more suspension of the State’s requirement for in-person visits between foster children and their biological families.

As a result of that inquiry we have received a thoughtful, comprehensive set of guidelines that will allow for safer in-person visitation between Foster and Biological families, as well as general tips for the most effective online visitation meetings when they present the best option (often due to a Covid-19 exposure in one of the visiting parties).

To download the new guidelines in PDF form, click HERE.

We are always honored to serve as an advocate for the resource parents of Maryland, and would like to extend our gratitude to our counterparts at the Maryland DHS for their response.

Another positive update!… We have also received the updated Child Care Policy, the second update in the past six months. Please download your copy HERE.

If you have questions about any of this updated information, please reach out to us at


Arnie Eby
Executive Director MRPA

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