Adoptive Parents of the Year 2020

Together We Celebrate National Adoption Month 2020

In 1995, President Bill Clinton expanded what had been ‘National Adoption Week’ to encompass the entire month of November, during which we honor and celebrate the achievements of adoptive parents. MRPA celebrates resource parents of all kinds, every day, and in November we pay special homage to adoptive parents across Maryland who are making life better for the children in their care.

Maryland 2020 Adoptive Parents of the Year

During this Thanksgiving Week we are honored to share the winners of the ‘Maryland Adoptive Parents of the Year’ awards. They were each nominated by their Jurisdiction for outstanding contributions, and we sincerely thank each and every one for their tireless work and dedication to the welfare of children.

Follow us here and on < href=””>Facebook, as we’ll be sharing more award winners on Tuesday and Wednesday leading up to Thanksgiving day.

And now… drum roll,please!… we present the award winners! Appropriately, click on the ‘heart’ to view their complete nomination.

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