Maryland DHS has received information regarding Title IV-E Child Care Reimbursement. This is for eligible children for the calendar year 2021. Please note that this information was received late and there is an extremely short turnaround time frame.

Please read all of the information and if you feel your child may be eligible please reach out as soon as possible and we will try to make arrangements to get the application turned in on time or ask for an extension. This email has been sent to all families with a child receiving Title IV-E adoption assistance.

All applications must be received by June 17, 2022.

Federal regulations stipulate that a child who is IV-E eligible for Adoption Assistance is also eligible to receive Social Services under Title XX: Child Care.

Reimbursements to families for purchased childcare shall not exceed $75.00/month per child. However, in no case will a family receive more than 50% of their monthly cost for childcare.

A family cannot claim the child care deduction on their federal taxes and be eligible for this reimbursement unless the amount of this grant is in excess of the amount claimed on the federal income taxes for deduction.

Families are entitled to Title IV-E Child Care Reimbursement assistance on an annual basis. Grants will be awarded based on the following priority levels until all funds have been exhausted:

  • Priority #1 To reduce the risk of institutionalization of the adopted child (professional documentation required) or other placement outside the child’s adoptive family, i.e., foster care.
  • Priority #2 To allow a child to participate in a formal, specialized, and recognized child care program designed to address a specific physical, mental, or emotional condition (documentation of program required).
  • Priority #3 To enable an unmarried adoptive parent to maintain full-time employment outside the home (documentation of employment, i.e., current pay stub, is required).

o Along with the application, applying families must also submit any documentation required for the priority category that is the basis for the application, 2021 federal tax form with information regarding child care deduction, and verification of payments made to a licensed group care or approved family day care provider during the preceding calendar year. The application cannot be processed without this documentation. Application is attached below.

o A separate application must be submitted for each child for whom reimbursement is being requested. The application and accompanying materials must reflect expenses incurred between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021. The local department must indicate on the application the date the application was received.

Please contact your Adoption Worker if you have questions.

Click HERE for the application.

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