The following was received by MRPA leadership from NCAC, the North American Council on Adoptable Children. We are sharing this notice to keep our members informed, and to ensure you have an opportunity to make your voice heard.

The House Tax Reform Package Proposes Eliminating the Adoption Tax Credit. Please Join Us in Fighting to Save it!

The recently unveiled House tax reform proposal, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, would eliminate the Adoption Tax Credit! The House tax committee is set to begin considering this legislation on Monday, November 6, and the legislation is expected to come to the House floor shortly after that.

We need your help now to Save the Adoption Tax Credit! Here is how you can help:

Quickly and easily send your members of Congress a message by visiting sure to include your name, mailing address, and email address so that your members of Congress are able to respond to you!

If you have already contacted your members of Congress about this, thank you, and please do so again! If you’ve been waiting to make your voice heard on saving the Adoption Tax Credit,now is the time to take action!

Stay in touch with happenings on the adoption tax credit by visiting or following the Save the Adoption Tax Credit Facebook page.

Please share this message with others who also want to fight to save the adoption tax credit.

Thank you for your advocacy to help save the Adoption Tax Credit!

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