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The purpose of this five-city tour is to raise awareness of how childhood trauma impacts the development of 1 in 4 children in the U.S. and how these often-overlooked experiences can adversely impact children’s development, physical and emotional health. November is National Adoption Month, an important time to recognize that adoptive children and those in foster care are at significant risk for Developmental Trauma. All proceeds from this campaign go to three non-profits who serve this population: ATTACh, Attachment & Trauma Network, and American Adoption Congress.

At the conclusion of the morning activities. We will board the bus to Capitol Hill for the thirteenth annual Adoptive Family Portrait Project from 2:00PM-4:00PM.

Can’t Attend?

Donate to help the Campaign organizations spread the message further. Click Tickets to learn how.

Educational Sessions Include:

The Lifelong Impact of Adoption

Building resiliency

Canine Therapy in Healing Childhood Trauma

Learn how canine therapy assists in restoring lasting relationships.

Attachment, Trauma, and Adoption Competent Therapy

Discover therapies designed for adopted and traumatized youth.

Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools

Create a safe environment to help students learn.

Therapeutic Parenting

Shifting families from consequences to connection.

Rewiring the Traumatized Brain

Neuroplasticity in action.

Developmental Trauma Disorder?

Guiding effective treatment for complexly traumatized children & adolescents through accurate diagnosis.

Exhibit With Us

Does your business or organization provide trauma-informed services or products that the Washington D.C. community needs to know about? Join this event by registering to exhibit. All it takes is a $100 donation to the Campaign to reserve your space. Hurry – space is limited! Click the “Tickets” button to sign

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