Bike Donations

MRPA would like to share this wonderful bike donation program for children in foster care. To learn more or to contact Barnosky Bike, please see their Facebook page!

The following is taken from their Facebook page.

We are so glad you have found us!!

Here at the “Barnosky Bike Shed,” we gift donated bicycles, tricycles, bike accessories such as baskets and bells and bike helmets to children in foster care. We found that too many kids (of all ages) in care did not have a bike or had never owned or rode a bike. We want to change that! Bike riding is not only a skill, but also physical exercise and a positive activity that we can encourage kids to get out and do. With your gently used and new and monetary donations we proudly serve the foster care community!

We ask 3 things when you use Barnosky Bike Shed:
1. The bikes and helmets go to children in Foster Care.
2. Kindly send us a photo ASAP from the back of your child with the bike and helmet for us to post. (If you are comfortable doing so!)
3. You foster bike safety by encouraging wearing a helmet.

Pick up is in Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Unfortunately, we have encountered folks not showing which has resulted in bikes unfortunately not being given to those who also wanted it at the time. Therefore, we will not hold bikes for more than 24 hours.

-Jeff and Katie Barnosky

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