The Maryland DHS has updated policy CW-SSA #20-12 Child Care Services for Foster Children.

  • Download your copy HERE. This link will automatically download the policy in PDF form.
  • To visit the page where this policy is located, click HERE.
We encourage Maryland Public Resource Parents to closely review the revised policy to determine if there is any impact for your particular foster situation. For example, note that there have been increases of up to 50% in the weekly rate of subsidy for child care. If you have questions regarding any of the new policies and their impact, please contact your child’s social worker for clarification or guidance.
MRPA’s mission is to represent our state’s Resource Parents to the regulating State agencies, including the Maryland State Department of Education (MDSE) and Department of Human Services (DHS), and more. MRPA uses every opportunity to convey what we are hearing from resource parents about how their needs are evolving, such as the new demands placed on foster parents as a result of COVID19. We encourage you to watch for ways to share your foster care needs with us, such as surveys, requests or questions on our Facebook page, etc., as these provide us with direct information that we can in turn share in those discussions.
While improvements such as this recent increase in child care subsidies do not represent a complete solution for the needs of our Resource Parents, they are made possible through all us working together to keep a steady flow of information and requirements before the decision makers.

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