Code of Maryland Regulations

The Code of Maryland Regulations, often referred to as COMAR, is the official compilation of all administrative regulations issued by agencies of the state of Maryland.  Links to relevant sections of COMAR for Resource Parents and Child Welfare providers are provided in the COMAR Resourcessection below.

COMAR is arranged in Volumes with title number marked on each volume. Each title number represents a State department, e.g., Title 7 is the Department of Human Resources. COMAR regulations are arranged in one numeric sequence by codification number throughout the entire set. Elements in each number represent the department and its agencies and subdivisions responsible for each regulation.

An example of a COMAR regulation number is COMAR
07 Title – Department of Human Resources
02 Subtitle – Social Services Administration
25 Chapter – LDSS Resource Home Requirements
01 Regulation
These numbers are expanded when greater detail is required.


The Maryland Register is the temporary supplement to the Code of Maryland Regulations, printing all changes in regulations as soon as they occur. This bi-weekly publication, which started in 1974, is also the official source of information about many other activities within State government. The Maryland Register is issued every other Friday.

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