MRPA Bi-Annual Election of Officers – Nominees

Nominees, June, 2015


Arnie Eby

In the past, Arnie has served as President, and President- Elect and Treasurer. He is currently seeking re-election as President.

MRPA has grown under his leadership, and he has helped to improve relationships between Resource Parents and DHR. He has become a recognizable person in the Resource Family Community in Maryland and in many neighboring states. He is constantly striving to improve the Foster Care system in Maryland

Arnie has attended various meetings and conferences during his tenure as an Executive Officer.

He is seeking re-election as President so he can continue to work toward reaching the goals of MRPA.

President- Elect

Keon Marshall

Keon is an active resource parent in Baltimore County and is active in their local association as well as attends MRPA board meetings wanting to be more involved and knowledgeable about the local and state associations.

Keon is a police officer in Baltimore County in the patrol division. As a police officer, Keon has the opportunity to encounter many resource parents daily who are facing many different challenges. Keon gives the resource parents he encounter reassurance, guidance, and share his personal experiences to retain them as resource parents because so many resources parents leave the foster care system daily.

Keon volunteers as a Big Brother with Big Brothers & Big Sisters.

Keon is a strong advocate for resource parents and believes he is a good asset to MRPA to keep it going in the right direction.

This is the first elected MRPA office Keon is seeking.

James K. MacAllister

James is a Baltimore County foster parent, who serves on the MRPA Board as his home county’s voting member.

A lawyer with 30 years of courtroom experience, he also has extensive experience working to get bills passed in Annapolis. Last year, working with others, he successfully persuaded DHR to change its interpretation of a newly adopted tax break for foster patents from “per family” to “per child.” The effect was to give resource parents with multiple placements in a single year the same tax relief as those who host only one.

He feels he can be a good asset to the MRPA, and is eager to continue the Association’s good works. To assist in these efforts, he wants to expand the Association’s fundraising efforts.

Regarding new ideas, he will work to widen the Association’s advocacy. His goal is to empower foster parents by making sure each of them knows what he or she has the right to expect from everyone involved in a placement, especially the public servants. Included in this instruction will be what to do, if and when expectations are not met. Also, he hopes the Association will be more involved proactively in the drafting/supporting/opposing of legislation and DHR rulemaking that impacts resource parents.

James attends the monthly meetings of the MRPA has provided his assistance and knowledge to other Board members.

This is the first elected MRPA office  James is seeking.

Vice- President

Michele Burnette

Michele is a resource parent in St. Mary’s County and is President of her local Association. She has served in many capacities on the Board of Directors of MRPA. Michele is one of the original founders of MRPA.

She has served as President, President Elect and Vice President in the past. She was instrumental in the passing of HB 699 which is income modification for foster care expenses passed last year.

She is dedicated to child advocacy issues and improving the foster care system in Maryland.


Demetria Gregory

Demetria is a resource parent in Prince Georges County. Demetria has served as Treasurer for the Association and has done an excellent job working with the Association. Her expertise in the financial field has been an asset to MRPA.

Her assistance with the annual Plan of Work for MRPA has been instrumental in helping to obtain MRPA’s goals.

She is seeking re-election as Treasurer.

Assistant Treasurer

No Nominees


Helen Nicholson

Helen is currently the Secretary for the Association. She is a resource parent in Kent County and serves as President of her Association. She is active in her community, volunteering her time when needed.

She is currently Chair of By-Laws and Nominating Committee and is a member of the Conference Committee.

She is seeking re-election.

Community Partners

Dr. Joan Wharton

Dr. Wharton is Executive Director for One Church One Child. She has been working with MRPA for the past two years. She has been instrumental in assisting with MRPA Training Conferences and the annual MRPA recognition Dinner in Baltimore.

Dr. Wharton is always willing to accept any task she has been asked to do.

She is seeking re-election.

Teri Troudt

Teri is a Resource parent from Carroll County. She has been an active member of her local association and has served as a Community Partner on the MRPA BOD.

She has served on Various Committees and assisted with Trainings throughout the state. During her tenure as a Community Partner she has reached out to various people in the Community to provide assistance to resource families.

She is seeking re-election.

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