Hello everyone.

The Maryland Resource Parent Association received the below note from the Department of Juvenile and Family Services, Administrative Office of the Courts-Programs Department and the University of Maryland, school of Social work.

We have been asked to help recruit 1-3 foster parents to share their experiences with the court process.

There will be a conference in Ocean City on Monday, October 16th. If you are interested or may know of someone who would like to share their experiences, send me your name and county and I will forward to the sponsoring agencies. I can be contacted at sammacer@aol.com.

Request for Help: Foster Parent Engagement and the Court Process Panel

The University of Maryland School of Social Work (UOM) will be presenting on Foster Parent Engagement in the Court Process. The presentation will provide insight on the experiences of foster parents with the court and stakeholders. The panel will be coordinated by Dr. Corey Shdaimah, UOM and will include research results on factors that impede or facilitate foster parent engagement with the court process. We are seeking 1-3 foster parents to participate on the panel to share their experiences with the court process. The session will be conducted at the Annual Child Abuse, Neglect and Delinquency Options Conference to take place on Monday, October 16th, 2017 in Ocean City Maryland.

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