Are you thinking of attending the 2020 ATTACh Conference? If so, read on! (And if you hadn’t considered it yet, definitely keep reading!).

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Our own Executive Director Arnie Eby says the following about ATTACh, and this year’s conference in particular:

“Those of us who work with foster or adopted children know that each of them has a story, and sometimes that story includes more trauma than we realize. These experiences can keep them from forming deep relationships and making strong attachments to others.

The mission of ATTACh is to strive for a world where every child has secure attachment relationships. We provide an annual conference, membership directory, and other benefits to our members and the public. We invite you to join us as we continue our mission: providing training to parents and professionals to promote healthy attachment and heal trauma.

My wife, Donna, and I have had the opportunity to attend several of the ATTACh conferences in recent years. Even though we have decades of experience working with foster children, we cannot stress strongly enough how much of an impact these conferences have had on us, and on our ability to work with the children in our care. When possible, it’s our job to provide an environment that can help set a child free from their past traumas- and the information shared in this wonderful organization’s annual conferences does just that.

There is a hidden blessing in this year’s conference being virtual, as it allows even more Resource Parents to attend right from their homes. And, with the discount being offered by ATTACh, at a highly affordable price. I strongly recommend this conference and encourage everyone who is able to take advantage of this unique and special opportunity.”

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